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Whitekey Teeth Whitening Kit

Whitekey Teeth Whitening Kit

Whitekey Dental Whitening is a product specially designed to provide patients with a beautiful smile, with a focus on offering the best advantages in the teeth whitening process.

Our unique formula stands out for several key features that make it exceptional:

Minimal Sensitivity: Recognizing the importance of patient comfort, Whitekey has been carefully formulated to minimize sensitivity during and after whitening, ensuring a pleasant and discomfort-free experience.

User Flexibility: Whitekey adapts to your lifestyle. It can be conveniently used in the privacy of your home or in dental office sessions, providing you with convenient options that fit your preferences and schedule.

Long-Lasting Whitening: Our advanced formula is designed to deliver long-lasting whitening results, allowing you to enjoy a brighter smile over an extended period.

Compatibility with Veneers: Whitekey not only whitens natural teeth but is also effective in whitening dental veneers, ensuring a uniform and radiant smile overall.

Expertise: We have a team of professionals with up to 30 years of experience in dental material research and development in the United States and Venezuela. Our scientific approach supports the quality and effectiveness of each Whitekey product.

Backed by scientific research published in international journals and rigorous laboratory testing conducted for over a decade at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of the Andes, Whitekey has consistently demonstrated its excellence. With positive results in over 5000 patients who have experienced high-quality whitening, Whitekey stands as a reliable choice for achieving a brighter and more confident smile.

  • Cosmetic whitening with custom trays
  • Low concentration of carbamide peroxide approved by the FDA.
  • The adhesive, thick gel remains localized, preventing migration into delicate tissues and guaranteeing the stability of the tray.
  • Formulated to prevent sensitivity due to its low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Mint flavour.
  • Primarily administered at the patient's residence, this treatment approach conserves clinical chair time and affords the patient the flexibility to utilize it either diurnally or nocturnally.

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Can only be purchased through our official distributors