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HighGLowSmile Home Kit tutorial

  • Perfect Timing - Opt for an Evening Glow-Up

    To maximize the effects of your HighGlowSmile treatment, choose to brighten up your teeth at the end of the day. This timing not only allows you to unwind while the treatment works its magic but also reduces the chances of exposing your freshly whitened teeth to potential staining agents.

  • Prep & Cleanse - A Fresh Start for a Radiant Smile

    Prior to each treatment, give your teeth a thorough brush. This helps remove any surface stains and ensures the whitening gel can work its magic more effectively. A clean canvas sets the stage for a radiant transformation.

  • Gel Placement Precision - Remember that a little goes a long way.

    Maximizing results while minimizing wastage is easy. When loading the whitening gel into your tray, a little goes a long way. Use just enough to coat the front surfaces of your teeth – avoid overfilling. This not only ensures even coverage but also prolongs the life of your whitening kit.